Pursing a pro-biological lifestyle

Quality of Life March 12, 2013

Do you know that how long you are going to live (and whether you will be healthy  – physically, mentally, psychologically – to the age of 100 plus) is largely the result of social, environmental, and other lifestyle factors? Genetics plays a role in whether you will live to the age of reproduction, but other than that, you can actually control how fast (or slow) you grow older. Here are a few tips to help you look, feel and perform like you are years or even decades younger you’re your chronological age would suggest.

First have 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (no electronic devices on,  lights turned off ) at night. This promotes hormonal health, tissue regeneration, better mental capacity,  and is associated with a lower death rate. If you have quite enough sleep during the night, you should be able to wake up without an alarm, according with the actual time.

Second walk a few miles a day (around 10,000 steps a day)  and avoid sitting for more than an hour without getting up and contracting buttock, thigh and calve muscles. When these muscles are flaccid for a long time, there are adverse effects that are not reversible exercise.  These changes may increase the risk of death from all diseases.  Prolonged sitting is also conducive to poor posture and degenerative disk disease.

Thirdly activate longevity gene activation (Sirtuin 1) and decrease the gene degradors (Telomerase) in your own body, no matter what kind of genetic code is inherited. Some compounds like resveratrol (found in small quantities in the skin and seeds of grapes, in red wine, cacao, berries, and blackberries), turmeric (powder), and EGCG (green tea) can change the way in which genes are broken down in the body (the area of ​​discovery and research called epigenetics), thereby preventing a variety of diseases (atherosclerosis, Alzhiemers disease, losing cell structure) that are often associated with aging.


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