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Fat Tuesday Pudding Cheesecake February 19, 2015

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So I’m visiting my Dutch family ( my sister Gosia is married to Henny, who is 100% Dutch, and has lived here for a long time) in the Netherlands – the country known for it’s tulips,  windmills,  massive scale bicyling.  What I also noticed about the Dutch  is  that  they  know and love their cheese.  Jonge kaas – young cheese,  Belage kaas – aged cheese (gaining firmness and  flavor with time),  Geitenkaas (goat milk cheese), Maasdam,  Edam, Rotterdam, Old Amsterdam – many of their cities have their specific cheese – and of  course  Gouda.  With the ending of  Carnival,  what better  way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than to make a rich cheesecake, and for easy fun a no bake version?

Looking at  recipes, I saw that a lot of them  used cream cheese, and using my google translate I  found out that the Dutch counterpart is  roomkaas.  The crust was made with cookie crumbs and grass-fed butter,  since it is one of the healthiest fats around.  Grasboter, as  grass-fed butter is  called in the Netherlands, is full of important  fat soluable vitamins like Vitamin A (butter is best source) and Vitamin E,  necessary for good eye (Vit. A),  as well as endocrine (thyroid gland)  health.  Both  also help with the immune system,  making us  more resistant to  infections, toxins, and diseases in general.  Butter lowers the risk of heart disease, as a new study  at the University of Cambridge shows, circulating  fatty acids from dairy  reduced heart disease risk.

Butter prevents weight gain,  by, contrary to many’s belief,  providing fatty acids for quick energy and not being  stored in fatty tissue,  since butter  provides mostly  short and medium chain fatty acids.  Full fat dairy actually lowers problems with metabolism and  obesity, as shown in this multi-study analysis.   Butter provides energy  for out intestinal flora prevents fungal (like Candida albicans) growth, and contain the highest know amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which reduces the risk of colon, stomach, skin and breast  cancer, and prevents cancer growth in children that ate CLA.   Butter is high in  omega-3 fatty acids, which  are known to fight inflammation and prevent many diseases like cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.  Butter also helps prevent osteoporosis by giving the necessary factors to  absorb calcium like Vitamin K2.  Butter even lowers the risk of developing asthma.

Margarine  and other synthetically produced  fats,  which are high in omega-6 fatty acids,  do the opposite by  slowing the thyroid, and causing inflammation.  Cancer risk increases with intake of margarine and other polyunsaturated fats,  as  well as obesity, and heart disease.  Even  infertility is linked to these fats,  so why not just use the butter instead?

Well we did.  This ultra-rich dessert is only for special occasions, and should be eaten in moderation:


Total  time:  1 and 1/2 hour

Preparation time:  about  15 minutes




500 g Roomkaas or cream cheese ( we used the Dutch brand Campina,  but I want to make my own, and found this easy recipe: )


1/2 (50 g) packet vanilla pudding


1/2 liter milk (for the pudding)


1 cup  sugar of  choice ( we used cane,  but  Muscovado, coconut palm, or any  other is fine)


150 g ( about 5 ounces) cookies or graham crackers, crumbled completely


3  tablespoons  Grasboter or grass-fed butter


Strawberries, another fruit,  coconut flakes or chocolate for decorations, I used  about  150 g strawberries – not in season,  but my niece Maaike really wanted them 😉


A pie pan




Make the 1/2 package of pudding,  and set aside to cool for a bit.


Mash the graham cracker or  cookies ( best to get gluten free and  without trans fats).  Melt the  3 tablespoons of butter and  mix together  and set aside.


Next get the  cream cheese, add sugar  and whisk together in order to mix in the cooled pudding.


Spread the buttered cookie or graham cracker mixture in a pie pan,  spreading it evenly.


Then fill the pie crust with the  cheese and pudding mixture,  put in the fridge or a  cool place to  set  for at least 1  hour.   Then decorate with desired  fruit or topping and  serve.  Yum!

photos courtsey of my sister Gosia


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