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Butter Coffee April 27, 2014

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Coffee consumption is on the rise and this is not necessarily a bad thing.   Coffee  has a great deal of  health boosting properties – from its antioxidants chlorogenic acid and vitamin E, to to a high  magnesium, potassium, and niacin content.  Caffeine boosts neurotransmission by having caffeine block adenosine in the brain,  to improving  metabolism , fatty acid mobilization ( aka fat burning)  and even physical endurance are improved by caffeine consumption.   Regular coffee consumption has also been shown to decrease the risk of Type II Diabetes as well as the risk of Alzheimer’s disease quite  possibly due to the antioxidant content and increased insulin sensitivity caffeine produces.   Higher coffee concumption is even linked to  decreased risk of liver cirrhosis (liver death), suggesting a role of coffee in  detoxification.

The downside of this all – the coffee itself may be full of pesticides,  rancid,  or even worse  full of mycotoxins (fungal toxins).   Roasting decreases some of the risk, but having a source of  good quality preferably organic coffee is a good start.  Drinking real coffee, and not all the frappy sugary artificial coffee based drinks (or instant coffee, which is chocked  full of artificial ingredients and highest in acrylamide,  a known cancer causing substance).

Having such a wonderful drink,  how could it  be improved… by adding butter.   butter coffeeYes, you  heard me.  When I first read about this I was very hesitant – butter is great on toast, on boiled broccoli,  but in  coffee?   One needs to look no further for a butter lover – I  am  on the top ten list,  from my previous posts ( University of Cambridge’s rehabilitation of butter  as well as Dr. Aseem Malhorta’s defense of saturated fat, even the metanalysis done in California showing saturated fat does not contribute to heart disease) I  am adamant in restoring its place in our kitchen and digestive tract.   High in short chain fatty acids, vitamin K2, a high smoking point (clarified butter),  a high Conjugated Linoleic Acid content and full ofomega 3 fatty acids(in grass fed cow butter), not to mention the great flavor, so many benefits are available both healthwise and culinary.

So today, after whipping up a fresh batch of butter, and only having goat milk,  the decision to  put butter in the morning coffee was set.  To say the least, it was a great decision.

The procedure

The coffee (4 tablespoons) was freshly ground with a cardamon pod,  a  few  cloves,  and a pinch of grated nutmeg.  After boiling the coffee (3 tablespoons for 3 cups of water),  I  added 2  tablespoons of fresh  raw butter and  used the hand blender – gave it a whirl for about 30 seconds.  To my surprise, the butter formed a beautiful frothy cap on top.   So that’s it-  so easy, and a double punch of  health benefits.  No heart palpitations,  since it seems the caffeine would be more slowly absorbed due to the higher fat content.  There was also a greater feeling of fullness than after a regular cup of black or  even milked coffee.   This is going to be a morning staple.  Cheers and good health!

butter coffee 2





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