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Which fat is heart healthy fat? April 10, 2014

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A new study from the University of Cambridge reviewed saturated fat restricted high polyunsaturated fat diets and came to the conclusion that lowering saturated fat does not correlate with a lower risk of heart disease.  The researchers  also didn’t find  evidence for a high polyunsaturated ( omega 3, omega -6) fat consumption.  Even  different  types of omega 3 fatty acids had different rates of heart disease risk factors.  In the 72 studies analyzed, the group found that long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids were differently linked to heart disease.  Palmitic (palm)  and stearic (saturated animal fat) acid were linked to slightly higher increases, while margaric (dairy)  fat  reduces  heart disease risk.


Additionally, the study shows that the cardiovascular risks posed by red meat originate in the substance L-carnitine, and not in the saturated fat content.


The food download

Fatty aged cheese (like Gouda, Brie, Jarslberg) are high not only in dairy saturated fatty acids,  but also have a high  Vitamin K2 content.  Liver, eggs, butterfat, and  natto as well as sauerkraut (the last two the exceptions here)  are all good sources of Vitamin K2.  Vitamin K2 is necessary in the utilization of Vitamin D and ultimately calcium.  Low levels of Vitamin K2 are a  huge reason why so many people taking their calcium and Vitamin  D  have osteoporosis,  vascular calcification, i.e. linked to heart disease.  Vitamin K2 has other functions such as proper fetal bone development, decreased inflammmation in diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, possibly treat leukemia and even prevent wrinkles.

Short chain fatty acids  butyrate (found in milkfat) are a quick  energy source for colon cells, acetate  is a direct energy source for the  cells of our body,  and many of the short chain fatty acids have cancer preventing activity.

Medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid and  capric acid ( in coconut oil) have documented antimicrobial and antifungal effects effects, regulate metabolism  and weight management, are used to prevent and treat  neurological diseases like Alzhimer’s, ALS, epilepsy, as well as for parenteral nutrition.  The list goes on about the activity of these fatty acids.


End choice

Well for me personally, I’m going to continue to eat generous amounts of butter, coconut oil, leaf lard (great for baking), and goose szmalec.  Like this offshoot article states, I will  eat like my granny  and my ancestors did before that.  My poor mother didn’t – she avoided eggs, ate low fat dairy,  cooked with vegetable oil and  had  two heart  attacks and coronary bypass surgery before age 55.  Now with diet (plenty of butter,  goat milk,  broth and veggies)  actually has reversal of  her post-MI ECG changes – a visible sign of heart function improvement – the doctor couldn’t believe it!

There is a growing number of doctors and researchers that are digging up the data  and questioning the low fat, “modern” diet,  since it’s just not bringing in the results.   Saying that saturated fat currently overtaking our food is a fallacy.  Most restaurants, most processed food producers make food like substances or cook with polyunsaturated vegetable oils and trans fats, which are causing our modern day problems of cancer, obesityheart disease, even infertility, and not the maligned lard and tallow that Julia Child reminisced about, remembering fries back in the day.


Many types of saturated fats are out there, and  they  have been  used for millenia.   In any case,  I’d like to live as close to 90  as possible, like my maternal dziadek (grandpa) did, eating his bacon and eggs,  sourdough bread with  szmalec.  That, and I love to eat my freshly made raw butter – yum!









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