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Plátanos maduros – fried plantains April 3, 2014

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Just returning  from  Republica Dominicana,  I  have  eaten  my  weight in platanos.  Plantains  are a staple in  African, Latin  American and Caribbean  cuisine –  I even  saw a  mashed potato  version with onions and butter.  Delicious.

Plantains are a food that is meant to processed  by heat – whether by cooking, baking, or frying.  They are considered very nutricious,  with their high percentages of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, as well as a high potassium and magnesium content.  They are a staple food in many places around the globe and commonly used for weening infants in many countries.

My favorite version are the tostones, twice fried plantains.  The process is simple – cut up a plantain in generous slices, fry once,  then  cool,  mash to  flatten  into  a  pancake like form,  then  fry again.  I find that the version made with coconut oil  is my favorite, although it can be made with lard, clarified butter, tallow or any other healthy saturated fat – and, yes,  saturated fats are heat stable and good for the occasional frying.   I try to avoid frying with regular vegetable oil like corn or canola oil (because of  a high  omega 6 content) or  trans fats like Crisco,  which are trans hydrogentated  and have  so many  negative health effects.   An execeptin is sesame oil, which  has  a high  amount of lignans  and tocopherols (Vitamin E), preventing oxidation.  It can  be mixed with coconut oil  or clarified butter to  make  a great  frying oil.  Although olive oil is a  healthful frying oil, I personally wouldn’t use it here for flavor  reasons.



1 plantain cut in  1/2 inch slices

tablespoon of coconut oil or cooking fat of preference ( may need a second for refrying)

skillet or pan


Cut the plantain, best  in  slight diagnal fashion.   Heat  the fat until  a  drop of  water bounces and  sizzles.  But the on the pan,  frying  until  both  sides  are  lightly  browned (1-2  minutes each).  Afterwards  place on  plate or top,  slighly  mash  to flatten, and reheat pan  with fat.  Refry  until nicely  medium brown.  Either place in towel to soak  up fat or  just put on a plate to cool.  Eat when slighly cooled (so not to burn your tongue).  Buen provecho!



Twice FriedImage


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