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The truth about hot dogs December 11, 2013

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As a child I remember eating a hot dog (read: more than one) at a party or special occasion. This was very rare for me, since my mom almost always cooked meals from scratch (i.e. fresh soup, meat, vegetables, cereals, noodles made from flour and eggs ), although she often lacked the extra time (and sometimes money). Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced, harried world is not the quality that counts, but rather a quick, easy, cheap, and of course ” tasty ” ( most often made so by artificial ingredients and chemicals) food. This is usually not the parents of children’s fault, or consumers in general, that food contains these hazardous substances – they don’t know about it – the blame should go elsewhere. But unfortunately they are the ones who pay the cost of their health, as it turns out to be hot dogs.

Three different studies have determined that consumption of hot dogs increase the risk of cancer in children

study in Los Angeles showed that children who ate 12 or more hot dogs a month have nine times greater risk of leukemia . Strong risk for leukemia also occurs in children whose fathers consumed 12 or more hot dogs per month . Food fresh fruit reduced the risk of cancer in children.

Scientists Sarusua and Savitz studied childhood cancer cases in Denver, Colorado and found that children born to mothers who consumed one or more hot dog per week during pregnancy have about twice the risk of their child developing brain tumors. Children who ate one or more hot dogs per week were also at higher risk of brain cancer .

Bunin et al. also found that mothers who ate hot dogs during pregnancy resulted in an excessive increase of the risk of childhood brain tumors.

American Institute for Cancer Research and World Institute for Research on Cancer analized hundreds of studies from around the world and came to the conclusion that hot dogs and processed meats contribute to colon cancer.

How can sausages and processed meat can cause cancers ?

Sausages contain nitrites, which are used as preservatives, primarily to combat botulism . During cooking, nitrites combine with amines, compounds naturally present in meat to form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds . The combination of the nitrites with amines in the human stomach can also cause the formation of N- nitroso compounds. These compounds are highly carcinogenic and are linked to mouth, esophagus , bladder , stomach and brain cancers.

Some vegetables also contain nitrites, do they not cause cancer ?

Nitrites are commonly found in green vegetables, especially spinach, celery and green lettuce. However, the consumption of vegetables appears to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer. How? Nitrite in vegetables contain vitamins C and D , which are designed to prevent the formation of carcinogenic compounds N- nitroso compounds. Therefore vegetables are very healthy and safe, reducing the incidence of cancer.

Are all the hot dogs increasing the risk of cancer in children?

No, not all sausages contain nitrites . Because of modern cooling methods, nitrites are now used to keep the hot dogs red. Hot dogs without nitrites are brownish in color, therefore less popular. When cooked, nitrite free hot dogs are completely safe.

Are nitrites are present in other foods?

Most processed meats contain nitrites, also processed bacon and smoked fish.

What you can do in this situation:

1 Not buy sausages or cured meats containing nitrites. The best is to avoid processed meat as often as possible. This is especially important for children and future parents.

2 Request that stores began to sell nitrite-free hot dogs and processed meats (preferably without preservatives and flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate).

3 Check with local educational and dietary councils to find out if children are being served hot dogs with nitrites in the cafeteria. Insist that nitrite free hot dogs and meat be served instead.


Cancer Prevention Coalition, Myth or Fact: Hot Dogs Cause Cancer


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